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If a well-chosen song helps to soothe our nerves and reduce stress, a chaotic rhythm can have the opposite effect. This feeling being subjective, you can only trust your ear and your brain to create a truly beneficial playlist. With the Angel City Outcasts the playlist would dazzle.

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Studies have shown that music can stimulate mood and reduce the risk of depression. It also improves blood circulation, reduces stress- related hormone levels and relieves pain. Listening to music before an operation can even improve postoperative results.

Specifically, music feels to activate the neurochemical systems as well as brain structure associated with the emotion regulation, positive mood, attention and memory in a way that promotes beneficial change, says Time. . According to a 2016 study, people with cognitive decline benefit from listening to music as well as meditation. Both of these practices are related to a significant improvement in mood and sleep quality. And if you prefer to listen to a song rather than meditate, these results should delight you.

Choose a playlist

But, it is important to know that music can also increase our agitation, and destabilize us by inducing a stress response. Bad music can encourage rumination and reinforce negative emotions such as anger, aggression or sadness, just as it can counteract those feelings. Why? The rhythm and other characteristics of the songs we select can modulate our heart rate and the activity of neural networks in our brain.

Songs with a slow beat, slow chord developments and long notes tend to calm us down, while chaotic, fast tempo music will have opposite effect. But this feeling is subjective: for some people, the rock songs are relaxing. No music inspires the same feeling at all. In fact, the fact that music activates almost all areas of the brain that have been mapped so far. This is to say how much it can affect us. To relax, think of diving into your favorite relaxing songs, without doing anything else at the same time.

We learn that metal, hip-hop and rock are highly recommended to start your day and get ready to work. But once you’ve arrived at your workplace, it’s time to change your disk. To concentrate better, opt for a good old piece of jazz, like John Coltrane or Miles Davis. While classical music boosts the ability to spatial reasoning: understanding maps and graphics. This is called the “Mozart effect”. Those who have to perform a repetitive task, video game music are highly indicated. Truly this is something very special and you need to be specific on your approach for the same. Obviously you will find the best results there.